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App History: June 20, 2023
App History: June 20, 2023

You can see the history of your app now

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We are excited to announce that now offers app history functionality, allowing you to track the usage of your app. With this new feature, you can easily view the history of users running your app, including their input and output.

To access this information, simply visit your Apps dashboard page or the individual app analytics page. Here, you will find a 90-day app usage overview, displaying your own usage as well as that of other users. This snapshot provides a quick and convenient way to determine if your app's usage is trending up or down, and whether other users are utilizing your app.

Furthermore, each App Card now features a detailed usage button, enabling you to delve deeper into the specific app's history. For "Free" subscribers, the last 10 results are available, while "Basic" subscribers have access to the entire history. Take advantage of this powerful tool to gain valuable insights into the performance and popularity of your app.

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