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How Does Work?
How Does Work?

An introduction to how enables users to connect AI models to create powerful apps -- no coding necessary

Updated over a week ago

New to Learn how to create your first app in less than 2 minutes by watching this simple introductory tutorial:

Watch the advanced tutorial for an in-depth explanation, plus tips and ideas, on prompt engineering and how to optimize the fields in Flow and Logic to get the results you want. (~20 minutes)

We recommend you create your first app by cloning one of our 100 official templates to get a hang of the mechanics.

To Clone an App:

  1. Click on the icon with two papers overlapping each other on the top left of a card you want copy the settings for your new app.

  2. All of the settings of the existing app will be copied over to the newly create app for you to edit.

Happy creating! Share your apps on the #show-case channel over at our Discord.

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